Steel, stainless steel and aluminium

We work with a variety of materials such as carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminium. The application for which the machine or installation is used determines the choice of material. We have extensive, modern machinery at our disposal where we can process steel, stainless steel and aluminium in many different ways. A few examples:

  • We have shears that can cut up to 3000 mm and can even handle plates up to 15 mm thick;
  • Our folding machine has a capacity of 170 tonnes and can bend 3000 mm plates one to 10 mm;
  • Since December 2012, we have been the proud owners of a laser cutting machine, which allows us to laser a 3000 x 1500 mm plate of stainless steel to 10 mm, and steel to 15 mm.

After processing, stainless steel materials often undergo post-processing in a pickling dip bath. We have an area at our facility equipped with an immersion bath, approved by the Safety Inspectorate. The bath is 4400 mm long, 1450 wide and 1100 mm deep.

We have everything we need, in-house, just as you would expect from a specialised company such as ours.